Wednesday, November 04, 2009

note to self and before i forget

i love the things you see when you keep your eyes open. this morning i heard a quiet cacophony of birds in the garden. when i peeked through the window i saw a squirrel scurry away with a birdie in its mouth. it was followed by another squirrel and it was alarming and amusing all at once. though, it is possible the squirrel had a rodent or something else in its mouth but i'm pretty sure i saw a wing and i am pretty sure i saw it snacking on its bounty (eeuw). the funny part was that is used the telephone wire as its escape route and it would stop to gnaw but then run away once the other squirrel caught up. oh those silly rodents!

then, as i poured myself a cup of tea, i stopped to watch 2 wee birdies bathe away in the makeshift birdbath. out of the corner of my eye i spied a dark shadow and next thing i knew, the little birdies flew the coop and a bigger brown jay looking bird hopped on in. i have never seen a bird like this and am glad the camera was sitting o on the counter.

these are things i would never have noticed had i not been in tune with my surroundings. living in this great big city, i am forever surprised by the wildlife that comes through the garden. did you know we had salamanders? oh yeah and the other day i spied two butterflies doing their butterfly wild thing and we have a black and white crab spider nestled in the lettuce. i suppose now you think i am a certifiable bug dork and you are probably right.

did i tell you all about the tarantulas in the road on the way home from visiting family a few weeks ago? and the cows? the cows that came trotting over the hillside to greet me? it was like a living Far Side comic. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!anyway, i wanted to write about the other things i saw on that drive home because i want to remember it. i'm not gonna get flowery or anything but when you keep your eyes open you see things.

things like tarantulas, wild turkey, deer and serenading cows.

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  1. I love birds. Yeah, I am 52 now, still quite cool though, but I am probably going to start bird watching one day. I will have a walker and binoculars. And tequila, just for fun. Every summer we have a mockingbird that nests across the street and he sings all night long. Sometimes I get up at 3 or 4 am and sit on the front porch and just listen to him. I love your respect for everything. That spider is gorgeous. Have a great weekend. I will be at work serving my public.