Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mojave campout day 1: a surprise detour

mr. a-go-go had a plan for me so i took the first leg of the drive. we were heading up to the National Mojave Preserves and for the most part, our drive would be pretty ho-hum...after a couple of hours i exited the freeway. as i drove closer and closer to our secret destination, i attempted to guess where we were going or what we were going to see...a chicken museum? the largest roller skate ever? a mystery spot? mr. a-go-go hollered for me to stop guessing and then i saw it...oh my goodness! yay and double yay! i have always wanted to see a tee-pee motel and now i get to. yet another reason to adore mr. a-go-go. we pull into the wig-wam motel and are greeted by Kumar who shuffles out of the pool area (there's a pool!) with a phone in each hand pretending to shoot me with asteroid-like sound effects. i do my glee-ful jek dance and proceed to jump up and down begging to take pictures and he says he will give us a tour.and so he did. he even opened up one of the rooms for us to peek inside and offered us up a bite of a fabulously spicey indian (as in india, not native american) bread thing.after we posed for his >"do it in a tee-pee" sign shot, we scout out a spot to jump and our trust tour guide takes the shot for us.i then wander all about snapping myself into a frenzy. i can't wait to come back and do a crafty get together or something. anyone up for it?The WigWam Motel
2728 W. Foothill Blvd
San Bernadino, Ca


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Count me in for a crafty meetup! But you knew that already :)

  2. I didn't know there was one so close!!

  3. libby!4:52 AM

    meet up! yes please!

  4. That is the ABSOLUTE cutest motel I have ever seen.

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Is this the one Oprah stopped at on her across-the-country trip and then wouldn't stay because it was too small?

  6. I had no idea such a place existed. you keep me posted on the meet up!