Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a good day turned bad remedy

have you ever had a day that was really good turn bad because of an invasion of the bad brains? just a bit of ick at the right time, not the rastafarian group. i had a great day today until i went to the library. i forgot my notes to myself on which section had the book i was looking for so i tried to use the reference computer only i couldn't get it to go off the main screen. the girl next to me had hers working and kept glancing over at me all smirky-like. so i got up to look for something else and hten i noticed someone using the very computer i vacated. sigh. eventually, i wandered over to the librarian's desk thinking i would ask there and they had a computer and when i peeked i learned it was the kids' computer. i stood their patiently waiting for the librarian to be free and she glared at me and told me to go use the computer. she spoke loudly so everyone could hear her and she didn't seem nice about it at all. i smiled and chuckled and asked how it worked. she appeared to be dumbfounded that i was that clueless and told me to use the "thing on the bottom". i nodded and said i tried everything i could see and she snapped that she could help me AFTER she was through with the person she was TRYING to help. it just went downhill from there and i ended up driving home in tears. that's me, miss cries-a-lot.

yesterday it was summer-like hot. the sun was blinding and i got icky-hot inside the tiny casa. the garden had to be checked on and a tank top was worn. they had predicted cooler temps and rain but as i looked out the window at the clearest of clear blue skies i wondered if we were simply going to miss the showers.just after dinner when i wandered into the kitchen i could see nothing but clouds in the sky and the ground was littered with splotchy-droppy raindrops. the storm came through and swiftly went on its merry way as if it were a dream.this morning was gorgeous. big fluffy puffy clouds rolling all around. there was a cool breeze that turned chilly at times but then calmed itself down enough for for the sun to play while the kidlets i hung out with enjoyed their ice cream. the sun played hide and seek and either flashed me with its dazzling light or camped out behind those puffy clouds making it too dark to get a decent picture of anything.becasue of the library episode, rather than write out the piaget assignment i had just finished, i decided to take advantage of all the blue skies, puffy clouds and sun. on went my newest thrifted mumu of a dress and out came the daffodils that had been camping out in the fridge. i snuck out the side door to take some pics because even though i am certain the construction guys who have been working here think i am crazy what with the talking to myself, the martini shaker watering can and my everyday baking habits, i just didn't think they needed to see me jump around in a red polka-dotted sundress and rainbow striped socks. you however, can. because you, i like.


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    A librarian made you cry? This makes me furious. After I finished library school, neither the LA nor Pasadena libraries would hire me because of lack of experience (I still have yet to work in a library). Meanwhile they keep on people like the one you described, who clearly are burnt out and aren't interested in helping people find information. I feel like kicking some librarian butt!

  2. We all have those days. I love the mumu and socks! So what if they think you are crazy. Life's short. Give them a cookie each and get on with your day. Love ya!

  3. I love the picture where your dress is blowing in the breeze. I know just what the fabric feels like and how nice it is to inhabit.
    And then I see it has polka dots, even better.

    It is still cold here. Our daffodils are closed and sun dresses are a long way off. Thank you for the reminder that warm weather is on its way.


  4. rude people can be such killjoys. Sorry for your bad day, but I must say I am green with envy over your socks. They are GREAT!