Thursday, April 16, 2009

missing out on the wildflowers

we went on a mini camping trip this Easter weekend to Carrizo Plain. Carrizo Plain is famous for it's wildflowers and wouldn't you know, we missed them by a week or so. sure, there were a few here and there with small patches of happy colors to photograph but the promise of fields and fields of flowers was gone.instead, we trekked out to a spiritual rock to look at pictographs, ate lunch on a plain, hunted for owl's clover, mined a hillside for pretty rocks and set up camp.we brought the april bed to the auto-a-go-go, cooked hot dogs on the fire, noodled around with the ukes and discovered the joys of s'mores made from matzoh.after a dark, dark star filled sky lulled us to sleep, we awoke to hot granola, matzoh pancakes and the packing up of camp. on the drive home, we did of course, jump in a field, snap pictures of cows, oak trees, and wildflowers and stop off for a visit with the trip, we're hoping to go for a bit longer than an overnight. anyone want to come watch the garden and the witch-baby for us?

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  1. It sounds like a great time and the photos are so pretty.