Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baking, clutter and distractions

I love to bake. I love to bake pretty things more than I like to eat them. I think that if there were a beautiful buffet set out in front of me with all the baked goods of the world one one side and then all the beautiful fruits of the world on the other, I would go for the fruit. Then I would go for some apple pie and then some sort of sweet bread but if there was an honest to goodness fresh baked loaf of something Italian, I just may go for that. I do love me some sugary goodness but homegrown fruit wins over a cupcake and truthfully, it's the appearance of the cupcake that I like more than the flavor. Oh my, I saw the tallest, scariest cupcake ever at my local big chain grocery store. The amount of frosting was more than the cake. I think the cupcakes stood about eight inches high and five of those inches were frosting. I just may need to get one to take pictures of. Then I will scrape all the frosting off and eat the cake.

The picture above is of a small loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. The recipe was for a raisin banana bread. I'm not a fan of raisins. Never was. I thought chocolate chips were a fair substitute. Then I added toasted pecans, wheat germ and cinnamon. I like cinnamon. It turned out a more than delicious loaf. Actually, it made a regular sized loaf and a mini loaf. It was very, very good but then again, drop a stick of butter into anything and it usually comes out good. I was thinking that why, with all that banana, would the recipe call for so much butter? I need to redo it with something else, maybe just the banana, maybe a wee bit of olive oil. I once ate a brownie that was made with olive oil and it was pretty delightful. I'm justing thinking. Hmm.

My house is a mess. A tiny cramped space of a mess. It is only eight steps fro mthe front door to the bedroom and if you were to walk into the house to the bathroom, which is in the bedroom and then back into the living room to the kitchen and then out the back door it would only be thirty steps. Tiny.It is so messy here that I cringe when I look around and then put the blinders back on and pretend it all isn't there. There really isn't any place for me to put everything. We have one closet. There is a small cabinet in the bathroom and two cupboards in the kitchen and that is it. When I sit here at the computer, I see the mess grow all around me. Oozing about bits of ribbon, tissue paper, crafty books, school texts and children's books. Sometimes a vontage hat or two scuttle by and I'm not sure how, but my sweaters seem to prefer the brekafast nook floor, not the closet. This kind of mess and clutter tend to overwhelm me so much that I can't figure out where to start. I think to myself, well, if the bed is made at least something looks pretty. And, it does. It looks really pretty.


  1. Last night I got that overwhelming feeling about my house too. My hubby didn't come home until later so I worked my butt off and cleaned the house. Just one more room to go! Of course, it's just going to get dirty again today. We have a small house too, it's hard to keep clean.

    I'm totally like you! I love to bake, but don't normally eat the baking afterwards. Maybe the cookie dough fills me up...but then, if it's apple pie hold me back!

  2. Oh love - I totally understand! I just spent an un-fun morning cleaning up my creative space - it would have been a fun morning if I'd gotten finished, but three hours later and the job is only half done. Pfft!

    Just wondering, though, you guys have been in that casa for a long time - how come you don't think about moving somewhere bigger? (Just being a nosey parker, likes.)

    x Helen

  3. Jek,

    I loove your blog, my daughter (6 years old) and I love to look and read both of your blos. She always comes back from school wanting to craft the things that you make on your other blog :O)

    My house is a real mess as well, and it is tiny too. I can't walk in the laundry room without bumping boxes with crafts, markers and paper. My living room, kitchen table, kid's room and desk are cluttered with crafts, kids books, sketches, bits of fabrics, pencils, hubby's writtings (he lives with paper and pen in hand) you name it. I am overwhelmed but at the same time happy that we at least make time for creativiness. Who cares about the mess, we are happy creating! We wish we did not have to eat and sleep to create more but do what we can.
    I love to see pics of your baking, make me want to bake too :) They all look so yummy. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the wonderful work! :)
    Best Regards,

  4. I enjoyed this post but am sorry about the mess. My home is not really tiny but is still almost always messy...I also try to focus on the good things. :) (not usually a pretty bed...I do love your pretty bed shots)

    p.s. You sent me that awesome mix CD at Halloween that we still listen to all the time. thank you.

  5. Linda9:08 AM

    Oh, I can sympathize. I spend so much time in my head that the physical space around me really suffers from inattention. And also, we live in an old house with not one closet! I've imported three dressers, three large shelving units, and a wardrobe. It is amazing what a difference it makes to actually have a place for things to reside other than the table or floor.

  6. I hear you. Family of five- one closet. The closet is in my sewing room/office/everything that does not go anywhere else room. If the house were bigger it would still fill with clutter I think. This way there is a limit! And I don't ever have to clean out closets! I do, however have piles and stacks of stuff everywhere. I am working on it. Really.

  7. Anonymous1:28 PM

    oh dearest - me too. The clothes, the papers, the dishes, the shoes, the knitting and hand sewing - they all seem to forget where they live and expect me to take them home. I just can't keep up with them all. That and the fact that I live so much inside my head that the material world goes unnoticed. This morning I can't locate my money atm card which is slightly alarming as we nee food in the house.


    btw I have been reading your blog for an age. I love it and you inspire, you do. I am also an irl friend of stripy sock Helen.

  8. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Yes a messy one over here too!

    We live in one room, the kitchen sink is in one corner, the bed is on a shelf that you climb a ladder to and the computer is in the 2nd corner, door in the 3rd and a huge mountainous pile of unsorted washing, clothes, unpacked cases, craft supplies and artwork in the last corner.

    Hopefully we're outta there soon, we might have 4 times the space, but still a tiny place!