Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In our tiny little casa sits a small set of metal drawers. There are thirty-three drawers in all and the middle drawer in the second row is the scissors drawer.

I have more than fourteen pairs of scissors. Fourteen pairs! You might think what in tarnation does a lobster-girl need with fourteen pairs of scissors but I'll tell ya something. I can perform magic tricks with them. I can make them disappear.

Our tiny casa, which is crammed to the gills with my "collections" has less than five-hundred feet of floorspace. There are four tiny rooms all together and one closet. There are not many places to put things and when you need to find something you can take less than ten steps to any part of the house. TINY. Yet, I manage to lose scissors on a weekly basis. Needles too. Last week I found a missing needle...it was in my foot. OUCH! The scissors on the other hand are better at hiding. Methinks they steal away in the middle of the night for their very own game of sardines. It seems that when I find one pair, I usually find the others all clustered about and mocking me with their orange plastic handles. Just so you don.t think I'm a prejudiced scissors owner, I do have pairs with yellow, red, green and pink handles. Not only do I have a multitude of scissors with colored handles, there are scissors that perform extra tasks. This is where different colors come in handy or, in a pinch, a Sharpie. There is the extra fancy expensive, authentic pair of Fiskars that are to be used on fabric ONLY. By sight I can tell these are the scissors due to the matte quality of the orange plastic handles and the word FABRIC written in Sharpie in the side, lest I forget. The mister makes it a point to keep these sharpened when he sharpens our knives. Next we have the yellow handles scissors which are for TIN, as I'm sure we all cut up a lot of tin don't we? Actually, I go through phases of cutting metal and cheapie scissors work for this. I also use them to cut foil & aluminum. We have the red handles for paper and craft work and the pink handle Pinking Shears for snazzing things up. Then there are the rainbow colored scissors with all the different edges. Scallops, ridges and whatnot. Those are for collage making and postcard decorating. I also have a bunch of small glittery green handled scissors that I use for kids art parties, classes and such. Sometimes they make an appearance in scrumdilly-do as they are most photogenic. Somewhere in the scissors drawer sits a small pair of razor sharp greys that I am supposed to keep with my traveling work to snip thread in an instant. Somehow I manage to forget about these, so I toss in a pair of the imposter orange handles. These are actually the scissors I use most since there are three pairs and the fabric scissors must be off for a smoke break or a game of pinball or something. So many scissors, so little floorspace and so many hiding spaces.

Because I am a master at cramming, the scissor drawer also holds my paper punches, a small hole punch (the regular sized duo I had broke during a workshop I was teaching, darn those paper bags!) two exacto type knives, a rotary cutter and a ruler. Now, when you come to my house you can make yourself feel even more at home. The juice glasses are in the bottom kitchen cabinet, monkeys, bees or roosters are there for you to choose from. Don't bother with the cookie jar, it is full of plastic bags, the cookies or baked goods are usually in a tupperware on the red counter. The bathroom is through the bedroom and the scissors are in the middle drawer in the second row.


  1. I love you! This is a great post. I have the same scissor affliction, but the scissors aren't nearly as bad as my troubles with nail clippers. When I die and they clean out my house, they will probably find eighty clippers, but I can never find a single one.

  2. I too, have a gazillion pair of scissors. My father-in-law used to get in trouble for using the wrong ones while he was visiting. He would help with house projects and I would walk into a room and there he would be with my fabric scissors about to cut electrical wire. One year he gave me about 10 pair one year for Christmas so that he would be able to use some while he was here!

  3. What a good idea! I don't lose scissors, but little girl does. She likes to craft while walking about the house and she can never remember where she left any of my scissors. Instead of fussing at her, I should just buy more- and watch where I sit!