Thursday, January 03, 2008

A wee bit o back patting...

and possibly some eye-rolling from those that think I am over the top. I have to admit, even with the knowledge of possible eye rolling, I am still quite proud of myself.
I did NOT by the cherries! See, I love cherries, lurve them actually. They are, after apples and watermelon and ahem, strawberries, they are my favorite fruit. Okay, maybe my second favorite seasonal fruit, no wait, third, I lurve tangerines more. See, our sunny California supermarkets are selling cherries from Chile and they are cheap. They are also quite pretty and not mushy and my fingers itched, itched, itched to grab a couple of pounds to enjoy but I am trying to enjoy the fruits in season locally and so I thought about it and realized my inner fruit clock didn't want cherries. It is too dark and chilly out and cherries must be consumed out in the garden on a summer eve when the sun is still slowly creeping it's way across the sky. They must be consumed when my feet are covered in mulch because I was careless with my flip flops and who knows where I kicked them off last. They must be consumed while sitting on a creaky, swingy porch swing next to the mister as he gently plays his ukulele. They must be consumed while we a-go-gos are groggy from summer naps and slightly stinking of too much sunscreen. That is how cherries MUST be consumed. So I didn't buy them. Instead, I came home and picked a smiling, happy bowlful of satsumas from the garden. These satsumas will be consumed while I sit on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket, watching old movies from the library.


  1. melissa@yummygoods6:59 PM

    Way to go! Plus, they look so awesome in a bowl like that. Yum. I'm salivating just thinking of that moment when the juice reaches the back of my throat and it tastes all sour and sweet at the same time.

  2. you rock, girlfriend!

  3. Those were the best tasting tangerines EVER!!!! Anytime you want to share more of them with me please feel free! Or cherries for that matter! You have me thinking of warm summer eve's with cherries now... and of course - we have weather! Go figure - weather in So. Cal. sheesh!

    On a totally unrelated note. My contact program ate itself and ALL of my information I had on you! (address / phone (though that's in my cell thankfully) birfday / anniversary and your hubby's birfday too. oh yeah - And your email!!! Can I get you to send me an email with all your stats and goodies? pretty please with coolwhip and mini m&m's on top? (or cherries as the case may be) I'm so lost without my stuff and kicking myself for not having it backed up like I usually do on my phone and with good ol' pen and paper. /le sigh

    *hugs* love you!!!