Friday, November 03, 2006

photobooth friday: dia de los muertos

okay, i didn't take this picture on The Day of the Dead, but since it has just passed, i thought i would post this strip taken in 2002.

being the dorky oingo boingo fan that i am, i became a huge fan of The Day of the Dead more than 20 years ago. I trek out to Olvera Street every year for a photo day and in general i think of those i have loved and lost, primarily my mamos. i didn't make shrine/altar this year as i feel my entire wee casa is a tribute to her and what i learned. i did wear one of her necklaces and as always i think about her all the time. this time of year especially is hard for me as she was a christmas lady. she adored the beglittered snowmen & santas and always turned our house into a glitter wonderland. not much for the spiritual background of the holiday, i celebrate it for my mom. i plan my cookie baking and giftwrap theme well before october rolls around and this year, i thought i was going to be so clever with the colors i had chosen and then i was in Borders yesterday and viola! my color palatte of black, white & magenta seems to be "IN". i need to channel my thoughts and turn them into cash somehow...drats! on the bright side, i don't need to make my black christmas tree, i found one at borders!

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  1. Ha! Very fun. The Oingo Boingo thing reminded me of a funny story from work. I work in a retail place, so the new workers that come in are often late teens and early 20's. It's amazing how clueless they are sometimes. One of my managers was telling me that Boingo was on the radio one night and he was saying how he loved that song. She had never heard of them. He was dumbfounded, then said she probably had never heard of Rubicks Cube either (meaning a reference to the decade). She paused, thought a moment, then said "I think I've heard them". Uh, yeah.

  2. heehee...that is funny! oh how i miss those 80's...:)