Monday, March 23, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 1

Good golly I love this dress! I love it! It's not vintage, but it has a vintage cut. I have no idea when it was made. This photo is from last year, I put the dress on this year and was happy it still fit. The way my allergies are I can't go outside anymore (no exercise) unless I want to wheeze, wheeze, wheeze for days on end (though I do run around the homestead doing dance stretches every half hour or so). As it stands I am taking steroids more than I like so now I'm a big puffball. The pills make me carry or retain water/fat in my belly and my neck...I'm all chins if I even slightly look down. I'm far from thrilled with the look, vanity be damned, but being able to breathe kinda trumps it all. If you are thick like me, a dress with a gather waist can be your friend. Stay away from drop waists though, they tend to draw attention to the hips making your width all that much more boxy. What I like most about this dress is that the waist hits me at a sweet spot so I can wear tops both under and over without adding bulk. And yes, those are leggings peaking out from under the skirt. I'm a chunky girl who definitely is deficient in the thigh-gap area so leggings or old lady pettipants are my best friend.

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