Thursday, June 29, 2017

couches, coffee, and coral colored hair

How's that for alliteration?
For some unknown reason I woke up all bright-eyed and bushy tailed before 7am. I stumbled out into the living room and started mumbling about how our neighbor across the street was running a power saw around 10pm. Why? why? Why? Eegads, I was cranky. But then the light bulb appeared (thanks to the mama a-go-go) and I realized he was chop shopping up wood to fit into the bins for bulk pick up day.


Bulk pick up day is when everyone can pull out all their stuff, crap, and junk to the curb and the trash trucks will pick it all up! Whoo-hoo! It also means, one can cruise around and possibly pick up some new/old furniture...
Which is why I found myself fully dressed and cruising the neighborhoods of SLO in search of a kitchen table we could modify for the classroom. I...and along with a zillion dudes driving big trucks.
Oof. Not a table to be found but I did stop to snap pictures of two awesomely awful floral couches. I also swung by my favorite coffee place for a latte and a scone, which I enjoyed from the chairs we had previously picked up during bulk pick up day many moons ago and are ow in the front yard.

I have a new 'do!

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  1. One of my favorite things also is looking at used items tossed. I've found absolute gems. I agree. That sofa is "awesomely awful. Lol