Friday, April 01, 2016

just like old times?

I forgot to wash my face last night and woke up with my eyes rimmed in mascara all smudgie, like how I woke up back in my clubbing days, only with wrinkles and an extra chin or two. When I tried to wash all the gunk off, I only managed to drag it down near my cheeks and make my eyes all red. I tell ya, no matter how old you get, teen angst can pop up at any time.

I gave up on trying to wash my face and pumped a quart or so of moisturizing spray into my hair in an attempt to get the curl back. It ended up looking like I went to bed with hairspray in my hair  after a night on the strip.

Since I had nowhere to go, I pulled on a pair of new jeans to test 'em out. After wearing them for two hours I found that while I could not readily bend in them, my skivvies could. Sadly, they were a no.

Spent the rest of the day in newish acid wash jeans that are so big on me it's silly. Sillier still is the fact that I even purchased a pair of acid wash jeans.

I miss the days where I could wear tights, combat boots, and a thrifted mini dress without discomfort.

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