Friday, December 27, 2013

bake: cookie butter blossoms

I usually bake up a storm for the holidays but that was back when I lived in L.A. and had people to share it all with. up here it is mostly just the a-go-go family and if I bake like I used to, much of it would got to waste so I really limited myself to two types of cookies, a pound cake, and these awesome chocolates. The nephew-a-go-go can't do nuts so I went with a childhood fave... snickerdoodles for sure and then I thought of the jar of cookie butter I have been hording forever, why not bake with it? One of my standbys is peanut butter blossoms, I thought why not try them with cookie butter instead? And so I did, kisses and all...
There are many recipes for peanut butter blossoms, I went for this one and cut the brown sugar in half, used real unsalted butter, rolled them in cinnamon and sugar, and popped the dough in the fridge overnight. Unlike the peanut butter blossoms, these did not puff up but spread out. They also did not remain chewy but crisped up like a gingersnap. They were a hit all the same (the bath the mister took to work disappeared pretty quickly) and next time I make them I may just add chopped chocolate to the dough instead of topping them with kisses...oh and the first batch was baked at 10 minutes and were a bit too gooey so go for 12 minutes and enjoy the crunchy goodness that is a cookie butter blossom.

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