Friday, March 08, 2013

eight years hitched!

mr. a-go-go & I got hitched eight years ago at the John B. Mulholland Fountain near Griffith Park. It was a bit of a guerilla wedding or perhaps a smidge flash-mobbish as we simply showed up and got hitched. On that very day we took the leap and so we return to the fountain every year and leap again.

This year we found our fountain tucked behind a chain link fence. Drats! We made do anyway and managed to jump once or twice even. And darn my unfortuante shirt....sigh. Nothing says lovin' like a belly hanging out of a shirt. I know I should have added a tucked in tank to the ensemble. Oh well...lucky or me, belly out or not, mr. a-go-go still is quite smitten and I am just as smitten with him. 


  1. Hooray for anniversaries and love! :) Your pictures are so cute and I love the idea of going back to take jumping pictures each year.

  2. I am amiss...I missed your jump and anniversary. Well Happy Belated Anniversary~ You both are amazingly adorable!