Monday, November 05, 2012

sweet november: wrap some string around it

My, my, my...the best laid plans, right? I have to be honest and tell you I had time to work on the project I originally had planned today but I frittered that time away. I could blame the heat as it has been anything but fall-like here on the central coast or mayhaps I will blame my brain for skipping out on November and leaping to December. See, last night I tried to go to bed at a decent hour, I'm a bit of sleep monger and generally am not prone to being up late these days but last night it was hot...H O T. Icky hot and my brain began a love affair with ideas for both Christmas and Hanukkah and lest I lose those pretty ideas I had to slip into the living room to write things down and then I decided I was awake, awake, awake and so I put together lunch for the mister, read a few chapters from two library books, perused pinterest, maybe played a game of marble lines and eventually crawled back into bed a smidge before 2am which one could say was really 3am what with the time change and all. 

Before I knew it, mister was heading out the door and  I was awake, awake, awake at 5:45 and so I did the dishes and read another few chapters and distracted myself to hit the Goodwill outlet because  surely I needed a few more supplies for all those nifty ideas I wrote down, right? Not that I found much for those ideas but I did score a pretty and ragged croquet set (sans the balls) for all of $3 and then at he market I discovered carmel flavored vodka and new ideas drifted through the noggin and after a Michael's run, I headed home where I enjoyed a lovely phone call with this lovely lady, ran a load of laundry, remembered to eat lunch and prepped dinner for the evening...and then I noticed the time and the fading light and jumped up all crazy-like to sort through supplies to make my project for the day and that is when I decided that THAT project kinda sucked and so I ditched it and grabbed a handful of trusty embroidery floss and went to work.

When in doubt, wrap some string around it, right? I admit this project is on the close side of ridiculous but truly I am delighted with how it looks. I believe these bits of happy pumpkin would look delightful hanging around yer happy casa for a bit of Autumnal flair, don't you?
I began with about a yard of each color and knotted the whole bit of happy around the base of each stem. After untangling the happy mess I proceeded to wrap one color at a time around it all using the basic friendship bracelet knot
If your stem is super curvy it may take a bit of wrapping and knotting before the happy mess looks like much of anything. I love the way the floss looks on the stem of the blue ballet. Kinda like a messy web of sorts. 

A yard of each color is probably more than enough, when you get to a point where you want to stop, tie off that bit of floss with another color and trim if you like. I like the wispy bits dangling about.
Happy Day five of sweet november. I hope you enjoyed this bit of ridiculous whimsy! If you like, wander on over to Tara's to see her take on a hostess gift. 


  1. That is cute! I think I would have tried to wrap the whole entire thing! :)

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    this is so cute and absolutely fun with the five year old granddaughter picking and choosing and wrapping the threads/yarn... we used both -- thanks!