Monday, August 20, 2012

fortunes where we find them

 I woke up from a nap in the mood for chocolate and sweet. I seem to have a grip on my allergies at the moment but not nearly as strong a grip as I would like. The past few days has had me a bit on the groggy side which usually means that some pesky pollen has snuck in. In comes the grog, out goes the sniffer. It's a good thing I have learned to roll with it. I might not roll silently but I roll all the same.

The grogginess combined with the summer heat that has finally hit our little town had me down for the count. The early-afternoon light sneaking in through the blinds along with the soft-soft thrifted duvet I just picked up from my favorite thrift had me snoozing along with the hum of the sewing machine as mister stitched up a pair of ukulele straps.
I woke up just as mister came in to tell me he was heading out for a project. I slippy-slipped my way to the tiny kicthen with one thing in mind. Chocolate! In all honesty, I have kind of been neglectful when it comes to chocolate. I think that with the sniffer gone, my sweet tooth finds its happiness in cakey bits and such. This day however, I wanted chocolate!
After digging around the collection of bars in the drawer (I pick up fancy bars for baking) I grabbed what was a left of a New Tree Lavender Milk chocolate bar and popped it atop a square of graham cracker. After a waltz or two in the microwave and a nice covering of mini marshmallows I had myself a s'more.
After documenting its pretty, I brought that square of sticky goodness to my mouth and caught the most delectable whiff of lavender. It was a perfect moment. I could smell the chocolate, the lavender and the vanilla in the marshmallows. How sweet it is when the sniffer works!

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