Thursday, May 17, 2012

of shoes, t-shirts and plastic hangers...

 in a mad fit of procrastination i tore apart my closet and bureau for clothing purge. i'm a bit lackadaisical that way. when one thing really needs to get done, i do something else that could be dealt with but isn't necessary. it's like cleaning out the fridge when you should be doing taxes.

i'm on a wardrobe revamp kick and have already been through a few purges but another one couldn't hurt, right? this time i tried almost everything on and to my delight found previously-too-tight digs to fit save for a pair of breezy crops that may never fit but i love too much to part with. never mind that i picked them up at a thrift store and have yet to wear them. if by next year i cannot squeeze my gifted behind into them they will become quilt fodder and yes, you can quote me on that.

i'm amused by it all because yesterday i felt full of steroidal poofiness and ick, darn that prednisone, and while today hasn't really taken away from the bloat, my brain was okay with it and the mirror had a good carnival lilt to it. so on came the iTunes playing a combo of french soundtrack and then skiffle, i created my own chick flick fashion montage complete with different hair styles and a change of shoes or two.
i discovered that i look pretty good in white shirts of which i have quite a few and that too many of them are quite similar. two have been destined for a dye pile. i also found that i seem to have a thing for Threadless Tees and have forbidden myself from looking at any new designs (oh crap, but this one is quite nice). i would rather spend any extra cash on a soft tissue t or bloomers or maybe even a pair of ballet flats anyway. gotta pick my fashion priorities, right?

i also dug up a pile of things that need altering or fixing or something and with any luck i'll get to them soonish otherwise they will disappear again and who knows when i will rediscover them...or where.
what i really want is to get the darn pantaloons made's to procrastination!

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