Thursday, April 05, 2012

on simple things, bus wheels and a much needed camping adventure

It's the simple things in life that really make my heart smile. The song of the mockingbirds in the morning. The scent of most anything when the nose is working. A cloud that sails by faster than a go-cart. Adam ant on the radio, the mister whistling and finally sort of mastering a song on the ukulele (hey, The Wheels on the Bus is a song).

Freshly folded vintage linens. A jar of embroidery thread. A hot waffle dinner with family and a bowl full of prettily colored jordan almonds (even the box was pretty).

I'm all about simple things even when I am wanting for fancier. To keep it simple this week, the mister and I are trekking out for a much needed camping weekend. The last time we pitched our tent was in Oregon at the tail end of The BIG Road Trip. We're are much in need of a mini road trip and look forward to hitting the road with Dr. Eleanor Teeth and all our gear. Our destination is the Pinnacles National Monument and then onward for an evening at Henry Coe. May there be hot meals cooked on the car engine, good tunes and amusing radio. Hikes will be hiked, books will be read, pictures will be taken and adventure will abound. Have a happy holiday weekend and I'll see ya when we get back!

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