Monday, October 24, 2011

kitchen kitsch

In the old casa, the kitchen was a teeny-tiny strip of a kitchen. More like a galley with its narrow strip of pitted linoleum that simply would not allow the mister and I to cook together let alone dance in its space. The cabinets were given a dose of red paint and every other inch, nook or crany was packed with all the kitsch you can imagine.

I used a bookcase to house cookbooks, yearbooks and all sorts of non-books. A metal kitchen shelf was stashed (sideways) into a narrow space between the tiny stove and the refrigerator whose average-sized door still had too much girth to open fully.

There were posters on the ceiling of my favorite children's books and granny's aqua colored tea-cart camped out under a board that the mister turned into a makeshift counter. It truly was a tint kitchen.
The new kitchen is completely its opposite. The floor is a happy checkerboard of black and white and there are more cabinets than I know what to do with. Oh and the drawers! There are drawers! In the old kitchen we had two drawers. One for silverware and one for the rest. Here we have drawers for silverware, storage containers, bags & papers and there is even one for linens and such. I am over the moon happy with the drawer situation.

With all this space and newness, we have had to figure out how to keep the kitsch without the crazy clutter. It wasn't too difficult. The first thing we did was install the happy light fixture that was our first housewarming gift. Next, mister built a shelf for our little people complete with hooks to keep our wee little lights in order.
Next, I found my much hunted for coat rack turned mug rack and then mister managed to squeeze one more shelf out of the extra pallet we found on our lawn. The finishing touch was to turn my happy Topo Chico water bottle (picked up in Austin while on the BIG road trip) into a soap dispenser and we were good to go.

Now, all we need is a working oven. Sigh.

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