Friday, October 29, 2010

busy as can be

i have to admit that after seeing David Sedaris last night i would really like to write about my day in a creative way with loads of descriptive words and the like but sadly i have no brain power left as i am certain my head is full of wool bits from all the cutting and stitching i have done these past few has been busy here in the makeshift casa a-go-go. i have been cutting and stitching and cooking and taking photography breaks in between. old dolls were uncovered, wooden spools were coveted and tutorials and articles were written.
the whole makeshift casa here has been full of busy. the mama a-go-go is cataloging vintage family photographs, the sister has been out in the garden and mr. a-go-go has been working on instruments and ever-so-carefully hand crafting a most dreamy sock monkey of the va-va-va-voom variety.even the nephew a-go-go and crew have been busy carving pumpkins and modeling costumes. last night, the nephew a-go-go took in first prize at the costume contest downtown. i can't wait to upload the video "interview" i did with him. it's awesome. that's all for now...don't fergit to stay tuned for next week's fall party with tara. i hope you do, i have been so very busy getting it all pretty for you! have a great weekend and happy halloween!

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  1. david sedaris comes to Powells Books in Portland all the time. He is rad=)