Friday, May 28, 2010

darn those mondays

where museums are closed. we drove through dallas on our way to visit with friends in frisco and found ourselves downtown where all the museums were...closed. drats!so we wandered through a little sculpture garden, posed for a bench monday and hit up starbucks for something cold to drink.not fifteen minutes later we were back out in the garden and flabbergasted to find a car had flipped over and crashed in our absence...right where we were admiring an enormous bronze horse. yikes!back in the car we hopped and promptly got caught in the snafu that is dallas rush hour, no worries though. we made it to frisco and got sno-cones. thank you joy!


  1. okay -- car accident thingy? -- WAY TOO SCARY.
    please be safe out there.
    love, love, love,

  2. By "Frisco" do you mean San Francisco? Because I really thought it was in the opposite direction? I'm worse in geography than I thought. count to think of it I'm pretty lousy at the writing stuff too.... Be safe. Signed,
    Illiterate in California (I think)

  3. frisco, texas! never fear, yer geography is not that bad! :)