Monday, December 21, 2009

the week in review: dec 14-20

busy busy baking got done, a little cleaning did and i spent a couple of days helping out the lovely ladies at Reform School...this week is Christmas and I have WAY too much to finish and TOO LITTLE time to do it all in. cross yer fingers for me! mr. a-go-go is sick with a cold, i'm feeling sympathy sick (i hope it's not real sick) and he casa needs a cleaning, mucho cookie dough nees to be made, presents need to be wrapped, sweaters need to be cut up and oh so much more! Today is super duper busy, tomorrow will be spent at Reform School and Wednesday is the last minute waltz to get it all done and packed into the car to head up to be with family for the holidays...happy monday everyone! i'm not even sure i will have time to find a bench!

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