Friday, August 21, 2009

today's to-do

we're heading out to visit with family up the coast this weekend and there is a picnic planned for tomorrow. since i am a lover of picnics and picnic pretty and we never really muster up the picnic mojo, i am going all out! mr. a-go-go will be home around six and then we head out for a multi-houred drive, so the to-do list is a bit hectic today. today i will attempt and hopefully finish(as in do, not dream, plan or scheme):

*the picnic quilt
*bake a dozen chocolate chip muffins
*watch my netflix
*the quinoa salad
*the savory yummy delicious sandwich
*mint lemonade
*go to the library
*sweep floors

all mostly do-able. its the blanket/quilt that is going to trip me up. i'll start roasting the beets now and sauteing those greens and onions. oh and the chicken needs to be cooked. okay, there seems to be a bunch of hidden steps in that do-able list. gotta go! i leave you with an early morning shot of the official august bed which is nowhere as nifty as last year's. happy weekend!

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