Monday, December 01, 2008

The Week in Review: November 24-30

It was an odd jumble of a week with the holiday, the moving of the mama & sister a-go-go, my doctor switching up my asthma meds and the jam packed reading and searching for my notes for my final class paper of the semester. Phew! So, here ya go, my week in pics.

I hope this coming week is less crowded but it won't be. I've got more doctor visits and that not so big but big enough paper to work on plus a day getting all sorts of x-rays and a squeeze of a visit with the ever funtabulous, SoMany and a Janet Klein concert with my partner in crime, Stacey. SO, here's to a smooth December. Please oh please let it be smooth, this year has been so tough already, I hope next year will be looking up.

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