Friday, October 26, 2007

Any arizona peeps?

shady dell, originally uploaded by sunshine indoors.

The A-Go-Gos are going on a road trip. Our destination is The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. I have been itchin' to visit since 2000 or so and was wonderin' if anyone is going to be on or near our route. I can't be certain we will be able to stop and visit but I sure would like to try! Is it wrong to be bring more than three cameras?

I have the digital, the Holga, the Polaroid and probably either the Super Sampler or the quad cam. Or maybe just the first three. That's a lot of pic-shaws! I need to get me some more 120 for the Holga. I can't wait! any hints, tips or advice for places to visit along the way? We're loosey goosey travelers and plan on meandering and exploring. The sister A-Go-Go is coming also! Whoo-hoo. We're gonna have a blast!


  1. Sooooo glad that is your destination!! I was hoping that is where you would end up! BT and I have been planning to go for years - you'll have to give us a full report!

  2. For fun things along the way, try You can enter a zipcode and it'll give you all the weirdo, tourist trap, balls of string out there on your way. I used it all the way across country, it was awesome.

    Have a good trip!

    PS. Cool blog! I stumbled along...

  3. I want to go there sometime, too. Can't wait to see your pictures. Happy & safe travel wishes!

  4. you are going to have THE BEST time. the shady dell is a very special place - as is all of bisbee. everyone is super friendly , lots of yummy places to eat and good vintage shopping.

    can't wait for the full report!

  5. I live in Flagstaff, far away from Bisbee. I never been there. I wonder how fun that can be. A Holga is probably cool, have fun!

  6. I've wanted to visit The Shady Dell for quite some time, but it never seems to work into our summertime travel schedules. Hope you had fun--I assume you took some great pics!

  7. I live in Phoenix... and love love love Bisbee, but have not been there for years!
    If you drive through, would love to do dinner or something!