Thursday, December 21, 2006

granny lurve?

okay, i'm shamelessly using the scrumdillies to solicit granny lurve. it looks like she will be in the hopsital for xmas but i hope she will be out for her birthday which is New Years Day! she will be 94! if anyone out ther happens across this and would like to rak her with some birthday or holiday cheer and/or receive a nifty holiday card from the go-go's, please email me yer addy and i will do the same...many thanks!

jek in the box AT g m a i l


  1. I will be sending good vibes her way! And would love to send her a New Year/bday card, you think she would like a portuguese card? Let me know her adress please so I can send it on the 26th or 27th!

    ( and my very best vibes her way)

  2. My mum's birthday is new year's day too! I'm happy to send anything Granny's way for good cheer. Would she like something from Australia land?