Monday, December 23, 2013

diy: washi tape gift tags

I know there are a zillion washi tape projects out there and amongst them there are probably a lot of gift tag diys too but here's what I made for this holiday season to go with my silver and gold gift wrap (which I still need to get to, wrapping, that is).
Gather up yer washi tape, don't worry about using all of the same color or making sure it matches. The more colors the merrier. Grab a sheet of card stock and get ready to layer.
I have a nifty tag-shaped paper punch so I layered my tape pieces in all sorts of direction for more variety when punching out. If you do not have a punch, don't worry, you can cut out your own shapes or use an online template. Layer your washi pieces in a manner that pleases you. Have scissors handy if you want clean cuts.
When I got to the awkward part of my paper, I flipped it over and trimmed off all the excess tape and used that to fill in the white space.
Punch or cut out your shapes using as much of the paper as possible. I begin on the far left of one side and punch all the way around. Next, I use scissors to trim the funky bits left-over and punch around again repeating until all of the paper is used up.
Use a hole punch to punch a hole for lacing. I have misplaced my regular hole punch and so pulled out this tiny punch and was not happy with the results. I then went off in search of another only to find a vintage three-hole punch in the mama-a-go-go's room and so made do with that.
Aren't they pretty? I think they would look great tied to craft paper packages and boxes.   I have two sets of gift wrap to use. One is a store bought black paper with vibrantly colored snowflakes and the other is plain white paper I have drawn designs on with metallic markers. I think the color of these tags will work with both. Make a bunch and gift them to friends to use throughout the year. I can't wait to finish (ahem..begin) wrapping!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! they are also quite addicting to make!

  2. I love these!
    they look like little quilts.

    1. i think so as well. thank you!

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This was just the sort of inspiration I was looking for this Christmas. Thanks to you.

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