Wednesday, December 18, 2013

diy dillydilly: recipe board

This year I really wanted to make a few holiday gifts for my co-teachers. They are such an amazing team I just wanted to spoil them silly. After much hemming and hawing on what to make I settled on this nifty project found via pinterest and sprinkled a bit of scrumdilly dust on top. I decided on this nifty board for purely selfish reasons. Most of my recipes nowadays come from the internet and rather than scribbling it all down on scrap paper or relaying back and forth between the laptop and the kitchen, I thought that this board would be a neat way to use the internet for recipes, just write it down and wipe away...and it could be used to leave notes for family about dinner plans, errand running, etc.
The boards were purchased from Michael's as was the clear chalkboard paint (clear chalkboard paint!) and the rest was what I had on hand...paint, sandpaper, twine...
I followed the instructions from Sugar & Cloth with a little help from the mister on the order of painting...note...paint a clear coat first, allow to dry then add your tape and paint a clear coat just at the point where the tape meets the wood. The clear coat will seep under the tape but you won't be able to see it thus protecting your clean line of color once you had you paint color. Otherwise your paint color will seep and your clean line will be a little less clean. Also, priming the board with chalk left it a wee bit scratchy which I like to refer to as rustic....oh and the boards are not as flat as they could be and they do warp a bit when paint is added...
I added a homemade potholder/trivet (diy coming soon) and a nifty bamboo utensil and the gifts were ready to roll!
Now I just need to make one for myself. Clear Chalkboard Paint!

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