Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bodie bodie bo bodie

on our way to reno via the 395 and mono lake we made a detour to the old timey ghost town of bodie. bodie celebrates its 150th anniversary this summer but just so ya know, it wasn't completely abandoned until the early 1940's. that said, it makes for a pretty neat trek out to the middle of nowhere and along a three mile stretch of unpaved road. the only sore spot i think was that we got there just before lunch time and that bright, bright sun was super hot and my pics are all a little too bright. i wish bodie opened earlier. can you imagine how cool it would be to photograph during the sunrise? make sure you bring lots of water when you visit, a hat would be a good thing as well and if you have your head on your shoulders you'll remember to bring your own favorite hat from home so that you won't end up in a stupid stupid antm baseball cap that you picked up in desperation at a wal-mart in palmdale. so here ya go, bodie through my eyes...a lot of old door knobs, spooky interiors shot through windows, people peeking in through windows and that pretty, pretty, so blue sky!


  1. My parents have friends who have a band called 'California Zephyr' (I think). Alan Arnopole and Steven Ewert are the two I remember. Anyway, they are sort of blue grass/folk/celtic and years ago they had an album called 'Fine and Funky'. On it was a song called 'Bodie'. I still remember most of it. You might like it and may be able to find it on line. These are part of the lyrics.
    To Bodie California in the year of 72.
    Came a troop of travelin' minsteral's,
    they was passin' thru.
    Cross Sonora Pass they'd come,
    a long, long way they'd trod.
    So they stopped into a church,
    to sing a hymn to God.
    Well they hadn't gotten' thru but a verse or two of praise.
    When in stepped a California Ranger,
    his face and eyes a'blaze.

  2. Bodie is one of my favorite places.

    When I was about 10, I went to Bodie with my brother and parents. We got there in the late evening and "camped" in our station wagon. We parked just above the town and it was really kind of spooky as the evening and night approached and we saw, almost ghostly haze fall over the town.