Monday, December 22, 2008

cold schmold!

I'm too busy for sick! Actually, I'm too into playing around with poladroid. Sheesh but is this application addicting. It is wet and rainy out there and the tiny casa is so very cold. These drafty old bungalows don't retain heat very well unless of course it is summer. I've got the door to the bedroom closed so the heat will hopefully swirl around the living room. That said, it is on and I am still wearing a sweater, hat and scarf. Methinks I'm just a bit wimpy. But then again, it could be from the frozen smoothie I just drank.Today's goal is to finish wrapping wee gifts, whip up the cookie dough for the holiday cookies and straighten up around here. The rain means the noise is absent so a girl needs to take advantage! The wee light-up tree is plugged in and going sans ornaments of any kind save for an errant strand of rik-rak that was tossed upon it last week. The holiday tunes are playing and I'm pretending I don't have a cold or a cough. Happy Monday!


  1. Great photos! There's something about polaroids that always makes them look warm and friendly...

  2. OH YES! I am so glad they made it available for the US!!!

  3. the last "fauxlaroid", as i call them, is ab fab. i recently converted a few photos into polaroids on my blog a few posts ago - you should check it out ;)

    happy blogging and happy living!