Friday, December 14, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Masked

photobooth friday: late
Acck. Can I wear a mask and hide all day today? I let myself sleep, and sleep, and sleep and I didn't wake up until 10am and I haven't done that in awhile and I feel like I've missed the whole day. I know. I can be quite the drama queen. Normally I am up by 7am at the latest and all I can think of is three hours wasted in sleep. I can't even remember if my dreams were good or not. Yesterday was the most unproductive day ever and now today I am late, late, late! Hey, lookie like the white rabbit! That's me up there in a rabbit very, very late!

This strip was taken a week after Thanksgiving at Pull My Daisy. It was a day of laughter and babes as the Mama Bird and the Birdie Babe came out to play with me. We walked and talked and lunched it up not to mention the boothing. Friends are a fabulous thing and that makes me happy.

More boothing can be found here and here.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    This is a fabulous photo and I love the texture of it.