Sunday, January 05, 2014

this and that..hello winter?

Why is it that no matter how many errands you run, it takes about three hours? Without fail, I dash out to do a thrift drop off and hit the market and three hours later I'm home. Need to do returns and pick up a prescription? Three hours. Get my hair done and fill up the gas tank? Three hours. Winter so far has felt like spring...or how summer usually feels which is like how spring usually feels to someone outside of Central or Southern California. It is crazy warm and it is making me cranky as I pine for sweater weather and hot tea.
The mister and I spent three hours dashing all over town looking for a curb alert washing machine, dropping off stuff to the classroom, picking up gardening stuff, dropping off old oil from the last oil change, and picking up some oilcloth for the school. It was busy and productive and everything happened save for the washing had already been snatched up which is fine as we're not looking for the machine itself but the drum inside. Mister is building a fire pit.
I've been making a tiny bit of headway in the scary room taking breaks now and then to walk a few blocks over with the mister to pilfer a curb alert of pallet wood or to repot some succulents so that they create new plants or you know...plopping down on the sofa for a read or pinterest browse.
While the mister worked in the garden, and ukulele necks, I gathered up an assortment of thrift pieces I liked but didn't love the color of and tossed them into a black dye bath. The results were what I expected and wanted...various shades of grey (with a smidge of  bergundy). Of course, the entire time I was dying everything I could hear my old favorite margie-girl's voice saying "cut it and dye it black". Oh margie, where are you? I miss you!In between dying things, I snacked on my favorite winter apple. Yay for opals!
Other than that I baked up another batch of eggnog poundcake (using  mixture of eggnog and buttermilk) and de-pommed my last pom of the season (drats), and pulled out my afghans for the new blanket shelf that the mister built by repurposing and old bookcase. It is ugly as all get out but super useful and thrifty. I need to put stuff on top...that might help.
This week it is back to work and all things schoolish. I have pom-poms to make for the classroom, grids to write out and curriculum stuff to work on. To pass the time in the evening, mister and I have been competing to complete colorku puzzles.  I'm both excited and ready for a nap...happy January!

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