Thursday, January 02, 2014

a new year, a new bed! {enough with the beds already!}

The wreath and the bell garland were made by me (diy to follow) as well as the tp pillowcase. Eegads but I love that grey fabric. I also love, love, love the crocheted bedspread even if it has now kept me from my birthday blanket (drats!). I really wish I could wrap my head around crochet. I do. I just can't. I also wish I had some mad skills to offer up to someone for a swap....other than garlands I'm nto sure what I can do. Anyone up for making me an end of the bed granny throw for garlands or wonky quilt squares? Anyone? Happy New Year!


  1. What size/square type/fiber were you thinking for the throw? I love making granny squares (weaving in ends, not so super much, thankfully with most grannies you can cover them as you crochet the next round). Let me know - I've been thinking my retro white Christmas tree needs a funky garland to go with all the bizarre glass ornaments I've been collecting (snails, robots, dinosaurs, gnomes), and you might be just the gal to help me out!

    1. Sachita! Oh how I would love some bean-made grannie goodness! mister absolutely detests a grannie but I would really really love, more than a throw, a garland. Something fun and colorful and happy...also would be happy with just squares as they make for pretty photo backdrops. I would be delighted to garland up all sorts of goodness for to see if I can find your email. <3