Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy go lucky pin tutorial

this morning i couldn't decide if i was going to go all out and wear green from head to toe or do what i usually do and put a smidge of green on but with impact. if it ain't broke, don't fix it, so i went with a black dress and green footless tights. the green tights weren't quite as green on as they were in the drawer so i rushed about the tiny casa looking for something i could whip up into something.the chaos goddess was with me when my eyes spied a happy stack of felt squares. i'd make a shamrock brooch! but then i thought i needed something more than felt so frantically tossed craft supplies willy-nilly looking for scraps of green fabric. wouldn't you know it, the fabric scraps had decided to hide from me so i was frantic, i tell ya! frantic! i swooped in and picked up a zipper pouch and found a treasure inside. fabric yo-yos hand-stitched by my mamos from my old clothes and such. there were green yo-yos! happy green gingham yo-yos about the size of a quarter. so i made happy yoyo shamrock pins. check it out! i stitched my yo-yos to the felt square and glued on the ribbon and pin-back. i had about ten minutes to whip up a trio of them before the more-than-fabulous stacey (the lovely model above) arrived to whisk me off for a thrifting adventure. you can of course whip them up however you will or you can turn them into flowers or other such happiness, either way, they are quick, they are easy and they are happy. have fun!


  1. how cute is that?!
    Happy St Patrick's day! ^___^

  2. Yay! I have to make some of these for next year. They are too cute.

  3. the cutiest pins everrr...
    it almost makes up for not linking back to anderandzaza...heeheeeeee...


  4. for shame! for shame! i am the worst blog friend ever! aack!