Thursday, October 16, 2008

Travel Plans & Quibling a-go-gos

(The above photo has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted you to look...)

The mister has discovered I ordered The Core from Netflix. Just now he discovered it and he won't let up on me.

"The Core? Why The Core? Why not Volcano or Towering Inferno? Goodness woman it's just bad, why would you want to see this again, You just saw this!"

"I saw it five years ago and I LIKE bad movies. I LIKE disaster flicks. Of course it is bad, that is why I want to see it again. Ow, my head hurts, I don't feel well..." (clutching my head and moaning for effectiveness).

"Magma? Magma? Hello, what about Volcano?"

"I've seen Volcano."

"I haven't!"

and on and on and now he is finally quiet because he is opening the phone bill and yes my head still hurts. Nothing like two sick a-go-gos trapped in the tiny casa.

Anywhoo...the mister and I are road tripping ourselves up to Portland, Oregon. We're taking the 101, does anyone have any input on where to stop? Would anyone like to try to meet up? She asks hopefully...please let me know, We have to plan, plan, plan! I'm going to take a nap, suck on a zinc lozenge and then watch The Core. (pppphhhbbbttt!)


  1. That road trip is gonna be amazing!! There are ten million places to stop along the way. In Portland, you have to stop at Knitt'n Kitten (7530 Ne Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213).

  2. Ooo! Right on Highway 101 in Florence Oregon is one of my favorite St Vincent DePaul's. Address is 2315 Highway 101. Love 'em!
    There's also a Humane Society thrift store in Florence at 1193 Bay St, you turn off Hwy 101 at the Dairy Queen. Not too hard to find, and great goodies to be had.
    If you have much time in Portland, check out the Red White and Blue thrift store and of COURSE don't miss Fabric Depot. Oh, yah, Deseret Industries thrift is good, too.
    Hope you have lots of room in your luggage for goodies....have fun!

  3. heather- the knitt'n kitten is on the list. whoo-hoo!

    castaways-thrifting would be bad! heehee! don't tempt me!

  4. we recently loaded up the van and trailer and drove from tucson to Portland. WE were so loaded down, though, that we didn't stop anywhere cool, except in ashland to look at the dome guys domes that you can see from I-5. We ended up seeing three deer there. so that was cool. I'm living in Portland now and still figuring out what's cool. check out this blog: to find out if anything cool is happening when you're here.

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Oh my gosh, well if you happen to make it over to Corvallis and are interested in meeting someone you don't know but who thinks you're awesome, I'd love to treat you to lunch!

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Good call on The Core! It's one of the very very worst movies ever made and is therefore my absolute favorite! I've probably seen it twenty times and I never get sick of it! Tell your hubby to give it another chance - because everytime you think it can't get any stupider, it does!!

    I don't have any retail suggestions for Portland (although I'm headed there later in the week, so post again if you get any good tips), but for a great meal and cocktails with a view, check out happy hour at the Portland City Grill. It's on the top floor of the "pink building" (the high-rise building that has a pink, glassy sheen to it) and I think happy hour starts at 4. Have a fun trip!!