Tuesday, October 07, 2008

loopy is as loopy does

and loopy needs to take another nap. i survuced a root cnala thids morning. mindc you, i wasn;t aftraid of the ear shatterring zzzzzz if the tiny drills and saws, no, i was afraid that my secret super power aka lock jaw would make an appearnace as she usually does, damn show off. this time, my kind new entsit graced me with a magic pill bittle that would help keep the jaw locker at bay. for the most part, themagic pills workd. still working a wee bit as evidenced by my mD TYPNG SKILLS. which i iwlkl jeep up for prosperity or until i have ebough energy to fix this post. Anywhoo, the pills had some quiet timein the depths of the belly while my mouth got prodded and poked and doible poked with GINORMOUS needles and gloved fingers and other invasive sacriness. I lay there on the couch thinie with my eyes closed lightly so show that i was not scared. the mister allowed me the use of his ipod shuffle and i had my teeth drilled ot the soothing voices of Cat Stevens, Neko Case, Paul Simon, Sondre Lerche and Jenny Lewis...with some Stephin Merrit thrown in to make it seem more like a party.

october bed: from the top

The directions on the pill bottle are not simply for show, so thank you mr. a-go-go for kindly driving me all about. I got home around 10am and fell into the freshly made up October bed and I awoke moments ago after 2:30 and can feel the lure to revisit. Whyu not?; I can;t eat anything, I cant type very well andmy attention span is that of a young vollege boy who had had one jaigermeister too mAny. Back to funny dreamland for me and I'll return with the editing half of myself (she's dancing on the ved with a lampshade round her head)to clean upo this mess i have typed typed typed here. i can;t see very well withet. soooo blurry. i lofve you =aLLLL. really, i do. Oooh waitdid you see the october bed yet?


  1. My husband teased me all morning about putting mini pumpkins on our nightstands. I am sending him this picture right now! LOVE IT!

  2. http://62cherry.blogspot.com/2008/10/oh-ah-i-think-this-is-gonna-be-cute.html

  3. I'm sorry you had to go through the ordeal of a root canal, but I love the bed, and I love your storytelling under the influence ;-) Hope you don't go back and edit it out!

  4. Vonnie10:22 AM

    I apologise for not being more sympathetic to your plight, but this made me giggle loads.

    Last time I had major dental work done I had IV sedation and my Mum collected me. Once I'd left my (very stereotypically strict Scottish) Dentist, I did the can-can the whole way down the stairs with my little dentist peering out the window at me. So, in short I feel your pain! Hope you manage to sleep it off.

  5. OH, how I relate to this post!!! Feel better soon!