Thursday, June 21, 2012

it's like sitting in a garden...minus the pollen

The borrowed sofa now has a new wardrobe. I pulled out an assortment of tablecloths and fabric and the mister stapled and wrapped away for an entire day. The back cushion was made after I saw a pin on pinterest which I'm sure you have seen, I didn't pin it myself but got right to it thinking I could make a nifty camp-bed for my gifted hips. It took me awhile to pick out the pillowcases I would use but once I did, it was a cinch to zig-zag stitch them together and stuff with store-bought pillows. Alas, to shell out the moolah for four good pillows would cost as much as an air mattress or almost-as-much as a therma rest so it became a cushion for the sofa. I can use the pillows for guests or maybe even turn it into a kiddo bed. It's a bit clashy-clashy but we used what we had and what we had was this. And yup, those are quilts underneath. Space is at a premium in this tiny casa (a smidge less than 500 sq ft).Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks Jen! It's a leetle over-the-top but it is definitely happy inducing!

  2. i love this! i've been wanting to do this for a duvet cover for our king size bed. this makes me smile big time! happy weekend :)

  3. Thank you for showing us! Amazingly gorgeous.