Sunday, February 26, 2017

another wander amongst the oaks

It was morning and we decided it would be nice to go on a walk. Our first pick was to walk the Bluffs Trail at MontaƱa de Oro only when we got out of the car, the mama a-go-go got blown away. The wind was fierce and even I had a hard time attempting to stay upright. I laughed so hard, I began to wheeze. The mama a-go-go however, was not amused, and so back into the car we went, next stop, the Oaks Reserve where we would be protected by trees (as long as they do not blow over onto us) and where we might possibly spy some mushrooms.
Sure enough, barely into the reserve there were mushrooms left and right. It was still pretty windy but it wasn't hitting us and so we continued through amongst the greenery.
The Oaks Reserve is a favorite wander of ours. You begin walking under a few oaks and then the trail takes you across an ancient sand dune with lichen covered trees on either side of you before you head back into the Reserve. Even on hot summer days, the Reserve remains cool.
Stay on the trail to keep your self from wandering into poison oak, which is everywhere! The trail breaks off into a couple of different paths that loop back onto themselves, at times, paralleling the creek. If you go after a rain, there will be a lovely collection of mushrooms, but there will also be mud so be warned.
There weren't many birds this time around, maybe a woodpecker or two. The bees were out, a few beetles, and a rabbit, but other than that, it was just the three of us and the wind.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

photo journal jan 8-16

photo journal jan 1-7

I've been trying to take four photos a day that capture what I did that day....some days are a bit mundane, others might have some fun walks or more all depends on the day. It doesn't matter if all I did was a whole lot of nothing, I will find something to's my attempt at finding joy in the minutiae and mundane of everyday are the first seven days from January...