Thursday, June 22, 2017

taking care of business

Nothing makes ya feel more like a (middle-aged) grown up than spending the day getting yer bits smooshed. Okay, that's only partly I got an ultrasound on my thyroid, a mammogram (in 3D no less), and a wellness appointment done. I also managed a coffee date, and a pizza run. Adulting for the win!
First off was my ultrasound...the diagnostic place I have been going to for the past seven years seems to be under new ownership every other year or so. This time around it is under the umbrella of Dignity Health (I'm not a fan) and it seems the powers that be for DH really do not like their employees...I walk into the main office and the front desk clerks are all decked out in orange smocks. ORANGE in OITNB...not the best first least they are fairly quick. While I was waiting I learned that I did not need an order for a boob smoosh so I scheduled one for later in the day and got my thyroid scanned first.
Next up was my wellness checkup with a brand spankin' new doctor. The office is in a building I drive by all the time that looks a bit of a mess on the outside but the inside is all sorts of mid-century coolness. I may have taken a picture or two...sadly they did not come out very well but here ya go...
The new doc is awesome and I look forward to a continued relationship but now it was time for lunch before the smoosh. I headed home and partook of a slice or two (or three...) of cinnamon toast (not the best choice but it worked) before heading out for a fancy pants boob smoosh but not before I noticed my navy top left all sorts of navy fuzz all over my pits...zoinks and phew! I'm glad I noticed it before heading out...
The smoosh took 15 minutes and was only uncomfortable when she had to move my...ahem...belly and/or chin(s) out of the why. So much siiiigh...but it was fairly quick and the gown she had me change into gave me a great big chortle as it was less a gown and more of a shawl...a very awful hospital printed glorified shawl...there is just no way one can walk with confidence through a hall with other people lounging about in their gowns and shawls...if anything, I gave me a good laugh (though I think I insulted my technician who insisted it was a cape...if ya wanna call it a cape, make it a bonafide cape!)
I ended my grown-up adventure with a coffee date with a favorite person at a new coffee place that I probably will not be returning to. Not because it was bad, more because is was so-so and I live walking distance from Scout 2, which is very much delicious. So there ya go...being an adult sometimes mean getting the girls smooshed.

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    So glad you took a day to get your wellness all taken care of!