Tuesday, June 20, 2017

june 20

Today, I woke up with stupid hair. It is not uncommon for me to awake to stupid hair, but today's stupid hair made me grateful I had nowhere I needed to be. No amount of brushing would make it look less than stupid. So, I dampened the brush and now I look like I have a head of stringy, wet stupid hair. It's like I'm a teenager all over again, only I'm pretty sure I would get a whole lotta "bless her heart" looks from strangers.  It's THAT stupid.

Yesterday I had a party with the dentist. An old crown moved out making the snazzy digs at the back of my mouth available for something new. Due to my tiny crooked jaw, something as easy as jazzing up new digs becomes a bit of a blunder. Even cleanings are uncomfortable for me. So, armed with a dazzling array of pills, I took a deep breath and on my very first day of official summer vacation, I had an old crown removed and my bite adjusted. All of this was done while I was a teeny bit doped up with all those dazzling pills. On the plus side, I was less doped up than usual so I could listen to my ancient iphone shuffle through Neko Case, Elizabeth Cotton, Pokey LaFarge, and various preschool related tunes, but I could also feel the discomfort enough that my anxiety shot up and my blood pressure was just kooky. After it was all over, I was escorted down the hall to the waiting arms of mr. a-go-go. I don't remember much except that I got a strawberry milkshake and then fell asleep for five hours.

Which leads me to today, I'm still a smidge groggy but not so groggy I did not notice my stupid hair. My jaw is still uncomfortable and my gums are really pissed off at me, but I breakfasted on a wee bowl of yogurt with a smattering of blueberries and managed to brew up a really awful pot of coffee. The aging witch-baby is sleeping next me, and I can here the neighborhood kites do their best imitations of pterodactyls they can muster. So while the witch-baby holds me captive on the sofa, I will endeavor to finish reading the two library books I have had since April, finish the really awful coffee I brewed, and do my best to get my neck untweaked so that the rest of summer my stupid hair will be a smidge less than stupid.

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