Friday, June 23, 2017


I couldn't sleep last night. Stupid songs were stuck in my noggin and my brain would not turn off. It was warm but not hot and I tried, I really tried to hit the hay at a decent hour but with every toss and turn,  I worried I would wake the mister up and so I hied back to the living room to see if music would cast away the commercial jingle and maybe make me sleepy...

It didn't.

That may be due to my choice in tunes thanks to prime music on amazon...I felt nostalgic and so of course I thought Guns N Roses would do the trick.

It didn't.

So, from there, I listened to Bombadil and that really eyes grew droopy and I decided I could crash right there on the sofa once I put the laptop away...

I didn't.

No sooner had I drifted off to snoozeland my eyes popped open and I sat up quickly with a thought in the noggin...


I had dental work done on Monday and due to my wonky jaw, I have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get me through the process. Dental work usually leaves me groggy and in a state of mouthy discomfort for a few days after so I need to stock up on soft foods such as applesauce, yogurt, pudding, and....avocados.

I was certain I had bought two avocados on Sunday but just then realized I had neither enjoyed them, nor seen them in the kitchen, anywhere. I was certain I got them. I remembered the price sign and stopping my cart to back up to ogle the jewels of the guacamole world. I remembered chuckling to myself as I was reminded about the first time I was sent out to purchase avocados for my brother and how thinking the soft, darkened fruits were bad so that I arrived at my brother's with two very green, very gloriously hard ovoids and how he laughed and very nicely, with no snark at all, taught me the ways of how to select a perfect avocado.

I got up and stubbed my toe on the coffee table, tripped over my too long pajama bottoms, shinned myself on the mama a-go-go's chair, and then stubbed my toe again on the kitchen table all before I could get a light on in the kitchen. I got the light on, but not before I managed to swipe my phone off the side table so that it clattered and spun across the wood floors. Oof! Sadly, there was not an avocado to be seen and by this time I was more awake than not and feeling a little hungry so why not eat a cup of pudding because chocolate pudding is just like avocados, right?

So, I did. I ate a cup of pudding, in the dark, and hobbled back over to the sofa to settled in with the laptop. I sent myself and email reminder to check the car for avocados...five day old avocados...and then played a game or two of Scrubby Dubby before somehow gloriously dropping my laptop on my own noggin.


Eventually, I guess I fell asleep and when I woke up, I headed out for errands completely forgetting to check the car for avocados.

At some point, after a couple stops, I remembered and checked and...discovered a bag with two very sad and very spotty avocados.

Tomorrow, we're eating guacamole.

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