Thursday, May 25, 2017

photo diary: may 19-24

may 19: new tape; new bowls; old gossip; yellow roses
may 20: smoothie lunch; coffee in the garden; summer plans; cucumber sauce
may 21: tadpoles and polliwogs; moss; birthday cake; visitor
may 22: smoothie fix; blackberries to be; making play dough; homemade gyros
may 23: the genius of kiddos; making prints; classroom messy; poms to be
may 24: iced coffee in the garden; lemon verbena; that sky, first batch o'beans

Friday, May 19, 2017

photo diary: may 13-18

may 13: bad breathing day; colorku; farmers market haul; burrito bowl for dinner
may 14: mother's day pompoms; front yard flowers; more colorku; cupcakes
may 15: restless morning; pretty roses; feathers; making lunch for tomorrow
may 16: color in the play yard; play dough treats; messy brushes; apples on the tree
may 17: warm colors; strawberries on toast; nasturtiums in the morning; new dress
may 18: painted ladies; fizzy fun; play dough tools; paper plate lions

Saturday, May 13, 2017

photo diary: may 7-12

may 7: pretty scone; pretty bloom; perfect cuppa; tacos for deener
may 8: coffee date; old friend; backyard berries; new skirt
may 9: classroom critters; painting lizards; roly polies; dinner
may 10: bunnies; blooms; birdie; yummy
may 11: garden goodness; mother's day bloom; pretend; breakfast for dinner
may 12: all the green books; new peas; fun colors; lunch

Sunday, May 07, 2017

may 1-6

may 1: pretty bed; pretty roses; paper flowers; painted flower

may 2: we met a police officer; kiddo painted flowers; the witch-baby; the pom tree
may 3: up with the sun; finding old poms; deconstructing jewelry; drinking my grape juice
may 4: berries in my oats; magnetic fun; more painted flowers; making discovery bottles
may 5: pretty sky; classroom fun; spider webs; finished flowers
may 6: pretty roses; new books; old pics; petals petals everywhere...

Monday, May 01, 2017

april 26-30

april 26: so long ukes; hello old friend; fresh harvest; first float of the year
april 27: snails in the classroom;fruit fest; butterfly blobs; classic flutters
april 28: hello dolly; heLLO dolly; hello pretty; hello sweet treats
april 29: beach flowers; kite festival; morning light; temple ade
april 30: happy stack; muffin bread; surprise sunrise; favorite things