Sunday, March 26, 2017

on this morning

I woke up this morning to the song of frogs, the harsh screech-screech-screech of one very put out bluejay, the long whistles of goldfinches, and the less harsh but equally put out symphony of barks from my neighbor's dogs.

I woke up to the kind of morning where the light is just right and the breeze cool enough to warrant another burrow under the covers. It was 8am and I wanted to sleep more but the mister was already up the peak that we can see from our backyard, the mama a-go-go was scraping marmalade across her toast, and the witch-baby was howling underfoot for more food, or more lap, or more something...

I woke up easy to the frog song and lazed in bed, thinking of what to wear for a brunch date almost an hour away with my oldest friend who knew me when. I really should get up get dressed...drink some water, and wash the racoon under my eyes.

I woke up hungry and thirsty and maybe even slightly wheezy as is the norm for me. As I contemplated leaving the warm covers, the mister comes whistling in from his hike. My eyes snap open "I'm awake! I've been awake!" I always feel a little less good in the mornings in this family of early-risers. I roll out of bed and get dressed for the day. 

I woke up this morning thinking it was just like any other day. I dressed quickly, gulped a glass of water and had a slice of peanut butter pie for my first breakfast. I checked to make sure I wrote the directions to the brunch place and posted a photo to Instagram, read a Facebook message from another dear friend and sighed about, beginning my day, and then it hit me...

I woke up this morning thinking "it's my mother's birthday" and I missed her as deeply as I did on the day she died. With a gasp and a tear, I thought, oh how she would have liked to wake up to the song of frogs, the harsh screech-screech-screech of one very put out bluejay, the long whistles of goldfinches, and the less harsh but equally put out symphony of barks from my neighbor's dogs. She would have liked to see the peak, especially in it's spring green glory, she would have loved the whistling mister, and she would totally be down for peanut butter pie for breakfast. Happy birthday, Mamos.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

12 years hitched, 13 jumps

This year, the fountain was on! It's looking a bit bedraggled but the water was flowing and it was lovely. Hello old friend!
The ledge around the fountain is always a lot higher than I remember. It's just tall enough, I need a hand up as my legs are short and the stretch is complicated. Thank goodness for the mister who has a long stride and is always there to help me up when I need it.
Confession time folks....we a-go-gos have reached an tells us that perhaps we are not as spry as we once were twelve years this year, while we did indeed jump, we did not jump OFF the fountain...we jumped in front of it. It still counts, right?
Good gravy, I adore this goofball. We may not jump as often as we used to but we still get around, get goofy, and just get each other. Swoon.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

a belated st. patrick's day dinner

Every year, my mother would cook up corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day. It took me a good couple of decades before trying my hand at it and this year, I rocked it! I mean, just look at that! It's gorgeous! The past few years, I have popped the corned beef into the crock pot and it has always been delicious but I found this recipe via The Pioneer Woman.
I didn't make the glaze and I cooked the veggies in with the pot roast but everything was still ridiculously yummy! Next year, I think I will do this again but I will roast the veggies...swoon!
I also tossed the cabbage into a skillet and quickly sauteed the goodness with black pepper, lemon, and a splash of vinegar. My mamos would have been proud!

photo diary: march 13-18

mar 13: peachy blooms, bunny ears, coffee grinding, leggings to sell
mar 14: kidmade art, suncatchers, red flax, nectarine blossom
mar 15: morning moon, cup of the day, apple blossoms, important postcards
mar 16: post office run, new dolly, pom blossom, rearranging the classroom
mar 17: hot day shade, rainbow crafting, st, patrick's day lounging, noodles for dinner
mar 18: cup of the day, bluebird visitor, molasses bread, rainbow wip

Monday, March 13, 2017

photo diary: march 7-12

mar 7: classroom colors, craft supplies, new hair
mar 8: early spring, pillowcase pretty, bulletin board happy, pink joy
mar 9: an invitation to paint, sudsy play, sweet, blooms
mar 10: work meeting happy, a misdelivered cake, kooky pottery, all the freesias
mar 11: a springtime bed, nectarine blossoms, butter chicken spices, rogue garden parsley
mar 12: watching the moonset, family breakfast, mockingbird serenade, homemade lemonade

Sunday, March 12, 2017

a week of Nicoles

monday: w leggings and cardigan
tuesday: w smock and leggings
wednesday: w madison and belt
thursday: w leggings, sweater, and boots
friday: w leggings, wrap top, and boots
The Nicole dress from Lularoe is really versatile. I'm not a consultant but I did get bit with the bug so have more than a few pieces of most styles. I like to wear the Nicole backwards for the higher neck. Since it was cold I paired it with leggings but when the weather is warmer, I wear it as it with flats.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

photo diary: march 1-6

mar 1: long overdue Scout date, peach blossom baby, rediscovering old favorites, happy succulent garden
mar 2: playing with classroom paint, happy hat, more old favorites, snack time
mar 3: howdy. niftiness at my brother's, delicious, meow...
mar 4: the anniversary stand, donuts, lunch, surprising old friends
mar 5: celebratory breakfast dessert, happy pottery, traveling clothes, the drive back home
mar 6: coffee, bzzzzz, pretties, torte

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

photo diary: february 22-28

feg 22: hello morning, getting a chest x-ray, new socks, and glitter...of course
feb 23: happy classroom mess, classroom garden gift, a gift to myself, my birthday card from the mister
feb 24: a beglittered gift from a student, happy hearts, we drew Lincoln, love my sunset view
feb 25: frozen bird bath, birthday chai, belated birthday torta, getting crafty
feb 26: snack time, treat time, birthday happy, happy beads
feb 27: garden freesias, happy buttons, goodbye texas blue, hello schmoon
feb 28: cloud dough, cloud prints, new friend, teriyaki bowl for dinner