Sunday, January 08, 2017

winter 10X10 capsule wardrobe: the stack

Saw this 10X10 wardrobe challenge pop up all over instagram so I thought I would play along as I do love a capsule wardrobe, even when I'm dreading the pieces I've picked out. The gist is. ten pieces, ten days...some folks include shoes and accessories in this, I did not. Here's what I picked (top to bottom):

*floral boat neck top from LOFT
*open weave 3/4 sleeve top Decree from Penney (2011 or 2012)
*olive linen smock made by the mister
*brown and mustard Julia dress from Lularoe
*floral Carly dress from Lularoe
*mustard printed leggings LLR
*plum leggings LLR
*thrifted lavender H&M mini skirt
*jeans from the Jrs dept at Kohl's (no idea what brand)

Loving these colors together, and I could go on for more than ten days and I may have...didn;t get pics though if I did. Stay tuned for the outfits!

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