Monday, August 01, 2016

dropping the mister off...

The mister is going on an eight day hike on the John Muir trail. We headed down to L.A. two days before the send-off to enjoy friends and food. Our first stop was Ba Le Banh Mi, of course. Good golly I wish we had a good Vietnames eatery up here in SLO. Drooooool.
 It was a bit hot in L.A. so we headed to the home house of the mister's hiking buddy and old friend. The plan was to meet up with other people in the evening so until then...we napped.

The eatery idea was nixed and so we chowed down on doctored up frozen pizza at a dive bar in Altadena. I'm not much of a drinker and after trying to order cocktails with spirits only to find only beer and wine were served, I settled in with some bubbly. The pizza was really good, the company delightful. After awhile, the mister realized he performed here back in his band-playing days...he played bass of their songs was even on a skate punk compilation. Hee-hee.
 The mister made himself a hiking kilt. He's become one of those nutty "make everything yourself" types...there's an actually acronym of some kind for his hiking archetype but I can't recall what it is. For some reason, all I can think of is MOPAR, but he's not a Valiant...
We spent two nights in the nifty basement apartment at the homestead. No matter how often we stay there, I always find something of interest to least to me.
This is not the frozen pizza from the bar, but homemade pizza that our host made using tomatoes from his garden. We ate it for breakfast and it was delicious. I should have unburdened some of those tomatoes off of our host. Drats!
Of course we had Fosselman's. Summer time means peach ice cream. The mister and I will share a triple scoop. He picks a flavor (toasted almond or peach), I pick a flavor (always chocolate dipped strawberry), and then we go with either horchata or blueberry.

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