Wednesday, June 29, 2016

the things you return to

We weren't gone very long on our summer road trip but we returned to a whole new garden...sometimes I love the little ways time changes those enormously gorgeous lilies up there...
Or a freshly made bed that I set up for us to return to...not a garden thing but how nice is this? I love a freshly made bed...heck, I love my bed...hello happy to be resting my head at home now...
Before we left...there were tiny fuzzy green knobs all over the peach tree, and now there are peaches! Delicious, California grown peaches!
My classroom plants have all survived...thanks to the mama a-go-go's watchful eye. Phew! I do love a table full of plants and succulents.
And how happy was I to see the bee balm had survived...the mister planted all of the seeds in the pack and only one made it. It's such a pretty plant and not exactly what we thought we were getting but the bees like which is the whole point...
Lastly...we have pumpkins! The seeds we plant never seem to grow but without fail, the compost pile will produce at least one vine! I wonder how many we are going to get this year? Happy summer!

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