Saturday, January 30, 2016

rain in the morning...

pink sky at dusk...

I prettied myself up somewhat for some errand running, wandered the garden in search of raindrops, found an accidental still life, and watched the sun set...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

what am i doing?

I ask myself this almost everyday. What am I doing?

Why aren't you doing?

What are you doing, Jessica?

A whole lot of nothing is what I have been doing.

Not exactly...I mean, I've been working, and making meals, and reading books, but I have not made anything...I have not flexed my creative muscles like I used to and that makes me sad.

This year, I endeavor to create. There is a lot I need to do to get myself in a space to create and I baby's the damn pink will be the death of me.

This year is the year I will buy art and make art. I will read more books. I will take more pictures. I will go on more walks. This year will be art full. I promise!