Friday, December 04, 2015


Eegads but these past few months I have felt utterly flaky when it comes to crafting, writing, creating, etc. I have no excuses but good gravy I feel it. Sheesh!

Back in September, I put together seven, SEVEN, different capsule wardrobes. I even photographed them AND I created those photo doohickeys with labels and numbers and everything. When I was putting it all together, I was excited about the colors and combos but when it came down to actually wearing said colors and combos. there was only one I kept reaching for which I suppose is the whole point, to find out what works best for my life, style, personality, and body, right?

So while I was working my way through the capsules, I have worn at least one ensemble from maybe 5 of the capsules, I hit upon a sale at LOFT and bought a few shirts, some trousers that worked, and some trousers that didn't and I fell in love with a few pieces....which I keep reaching for and wearing and while I feel like I am obligated to work through those capsules (the doohickeys are made after all) my heart is just not into it. What my heart IS into is slate blue, charcoal grey, rust, coral, and mauve. Siiiiiigh.

Maybe I will have a photo day and just photograph all the outfits or at least the outfits I have not yet gotten to. I don't know, the pink room is still in need of becoming a room (have I mentioned that I have been feeling flaky?) and I have holiday gifts to make and wrap, not to mention getting the darn decorations out of boxes and onto something. Ooof!

So, in between the flakiness, the attempts at wearing my capsules, work, and life, we went to the symphony, enjoyed Thanksgiving, and we managed to take a wee road trip up to Eureka, California and hike ourselves silly. Pictures coming soon, I hope. I won't promise anything anymore but I will put in some more effort than usual.

Oh! And the plus side of everything? I did some research and found a thyroid medication without acacia in it and have been taking it for two months and things are looking up or are beginning to. I still do not feel anywhere near like my old self but my energy seems to be visiting for longer. I also discovered I have been taking too much vitamon B and taking it wrong for lack of a better word and changing that up may lead to even more energy! I am very excited about that. I miss my old self. Hopefully this will keep my allergies in check and I can go outside again without all the ick that follows.

Cross your fingers for me and please visit again! 

We're on our way to L.A. for a holiday shindig this weekend and we've managed to squeeze in four visits. Looking forward to seeing and squeezing favorite peoples! Wish we had more time to see more! 

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