Monday, August 10, 2015

All tapped out

(i know this is on instgram, shh!)
 Eegads! I have lost this blogging mojo! When I sit down to edit photos I remember all of the quirky, silly, pretty, and/or ridiculous things I could write about or even just post and then I don't so when I sit down to actively blog my brain draws a blank and I think I have nothing. I am all tapped out.

But I'm not. I have just lost the habit of blogging. I need to write more, not for internet approval but for myself. Writing a blog has many rewards, one of which is connectiveness. I write for connection, community, sharing memories and photos, and exercising my creative skills. Oh how I have missed those creative skills!

I'm not back. Not yet. I have too much clutter elsewhere to clear before I can clear the noggin and get back into writing but I will try to share some photos and words here and there even if it is just reposting my instagram. Yes, I'm on instagram. I'm late to change. Don't like it. I miss flickr but all the cool kids are on instagram (I'm sooo not cool and still on flickr) so I try. That said I do not use a smartphone. I use a small samsung pay-as-you-go dealio. I do not like phones. I'm so backward, I can't even figure out how to purchase a smartphone which makes me feel stupid which makes me dive under the covers and get all sad-racoony. I am so not a grown-up.

So for now I will try, to post at least once a week if not more. Hop on over to Instagram if you want to see photos. I will rarely repost photos here as it drives me bonkers to see the same photo and text on multiple, facebook, instagram. I use each of these platforms but for different reasons...I'm so not one of the cool kids.


  1. I so don't understand that whole post-the-same-exact-thing on IG/FB/Flickr/whatever thing, but then... I've never been one of the cool kidz! I still check into Flickr, mainly to see your posts (I love that you still post there; I stopped due to privacy issues), and just the other day I was perusing your old Hollywood casa on Flickr in search of inspiration so I'm truly glad you're still there! As for the phone thing - I hate phones too but I love everything about my iPhone (except mainly the monthly charges, ugh..). Funny thing is I use the actual "phone" part of it for two things, emergencies/appointment setting, and talking to one close friend. But I sure have a lot of fun with the photography side of it :)

  2. I've liked your blog for ages, so hope you keep posting. I love the 'making the beds' pictures and the crafty makes you show. Like you I'm not overly fond of mobile (cell) phones. I got a fancy-pants phone, but gave it up as way too complicated. I just text & talk now, & use a basic, cheapy-cheap camera for pictures.
    Flickr used to be fun, but I find the revamped layouts irritating, so I've moved to Pinterest. Haven't tried Instagram, but - hey! I was never cool ..
    Hope you're well, best wishes Valerie