Wednesday, July 22, 2015

sunflower garden

Have I told you already how the sunflowers have gone bonkers in the garden a-go-go 2.0? Seriously bonkers. The bees, all the bees, are loving them. Bumble, honey, and native bees are constantly buzz, buzz, buzzing about. It is awesome. Also, the linnets and goldfinches have been enjoying sunflower salad since before the flowers showed their faces. They sit, chirp, and peck, peck, peck at the green leaves. They appear so happy. And then there is this guy...the dreaded cucumber beetle, chomp, chomp, chomping away at whatever it can get it's little mouth on. Better the sunflowers than the lettuce I say. All in all there are three very tall stalks with a ridiculous number of blooms. The very first stalk to bloom has already gone past while the second two continue to show new blooms daily. The stalks are crazy thick, and the leaves...oh the leaves are enormous! Here are some more pics...

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