Monday, July 06, 2015


Clearly I need to work on my blogging skills. I have lost the habit of writing and I miss it but right now my brain is in such a muddle that anything I write is far from delightful so until I rediscover my happy place I'll just recap so I remember what I did in June. It was pretty busy...
The pomegranate tree finally produced fruit! Crossing my fingers at least one of the three poms matures. I am ridiculously excited over this news. My very own pomegranate tree! The best things in life, right?
I dressed up in pseudo-medieval costume for our History Day celebration at school. I work for a private school that follows the Classical Education model and we often celebrate history as an entire school. From the preschoolers to the graduating seniors we gather together for the children to share what they have learned about history. This year was all about the Middle Ages and since I missed our Viking Day I was happy I was able to make our feast! There were sword fights, dancers, court jesters, musicians, food, and even...gasp...a posoining!
More costume fun. Also for school. This time I dressed up as the little red bird from The Lion and the Little Red Bird for our end of year classroom party. The children are invited to dress up as their favorite book character from our classroom literature throughout the year. They get to present on their chosen books and we gather together for high tea with fancy china cups and all.
We celebrated the mister's birthday with a family dinner at our favorite burger joint. While the burgers are most excellent, the chocolate malts are the best! Even better, pop a silly hat on your head on your birthday and your burger is free!
The school year ended and so I schlepped all of my classroom succulents home in the tray we use to corral water bottles. Many of these happy plants were gifts from students. Succulents are the easiest way to add a little green to the classroom.
I had to pack up the classroom as we are getting new floors. Out goes the carpet, in comes checkered linoleum. While  it is going to be a lot of work unpacking and arranging, I am super excited to experiment with our even more open floor plan now! Like...keep-me-up-at-night-planning type of excited! 
The first week of summer vacation was spent recovering from a nasty food poisoning episode. After all the sleep and ick I did manage to read all sorts of fun. I do love the libary.
Also squeezed in a few coffee dates and there are plans on the horizon for some fun stuff such a partnering up with this super nifty gal. Also, just enjoying really good coffee and oh my goodness, the best morning buns EVER!
I took a trip down to Los Angeles where I finally got to squeeze these people and pass along Christmas-New Years-Valentines-Arbor L.A. will get its own post coming soon. Ahem.
We sadly said goodbye to this dear kitty. At 19 years she lived a pretty long kitty life even though the decision had to be made too quickly for our wanting. Sweet Dolly, you are missed.


  1. Yay! An update! So many long time bloggers just stop, and its like I've lost a friend. Hope you find your happy place soon.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes blogging is hard and weird. I miss writing. I hope to have my brain more organized soon!

  2. Even though we do get our coffee dates in, I love to read your stories here with your fabulous pictures!

    1. Thank you, friend! I miss our coffee dates! Siiiigh....


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